Bitcoin has broken the value record. E-hryvnia will be tested in Ukraine. Spain opposed Sam Altman's Worldcoin project. In Kyiv, a gang of arbitrageurs who were stealing crypto was arrested

A new record: Bitcoin broke through the $71,000 mark 


Bitcoin rate updated the historical maximum. On Monday, March 11, its price crossed the threshold of $71,000 and is rapidly heading upward.  


Following Bitcoin, Ethereum quotes also began to rise and have already reached the $4,000 mark. Nevertheless, Ethereum is still far from reaching a new all-time high. The record was set in November 2021 at $4,891. 


Memcoins also joined the rally: PEPE rose in price by 21.1%, FLOKI — by 58.8%. SHIB and DOGE showed more subdued growth of 4.8% and 3.7%, respectively. 


The cryptocurrency market capitalization, as of March 11, 2024, is $2.64 trillion, with Bitcoin’s dominance index rising to 52.1% and ETH rising to 17.9%. 


The cryptocurrency market moved upward after the publication of data on unemployment in the United States in February 2024. Its level amounted to 3.9%. Investors noted the increase in employment in the U.S. and assumed that this trend would open the door to lower interest rates by the Federal Reserve. This tends to increase investor interest in alternative assets such as cryptocurrencies and stimulate their growth.  

Digitalization of salaries and pensions: the NBU announced the participation of citizens in the testing of e-hryvnia 


The National Bank of Ukraine is preparing the second stage of open testing of the electronic national currency. Everyone will be able to participate in it: banks, non-banking organizations, and individuals. 


Representatives of the regulator specified that payment transactions with e-hryvnia will be tested in an open environment. Participants will be able to test the convenience of using the currency for payments and assess the performance of the platform on which CBDC will operate in Ukraine. Mykhailo Fedorov, the head of the Ministry of Transformation, said that he plans to become the first participant in the pilot project and will start receiving his salary in e-hryvnia after its launch. 


Currently, the NBU is looking for a technological solution for testing. According to preliminary data, the project will be launched in the second half of 2024. If the results are positive, the NBU will consider a large-scale launch of the e-hryvnia. It will complement existing forms of money in Ukraine but will not replace them. The e-hryvnia can be used for social benefits, salaries, housing and utilities, currency exchange, and international transfers. 

Human rights are violated: Spain seeks closure of Sam Altman’s Worldcoin project 


AEPD, the Spanish data protection regulator, has called on the Worldcoin team to immediately stop collecting personal information about the country’s residents and banned the use of information it has already managed to obtain. 


Spain turned out to be the first European country to speak out against Worldcoin. A huge cause for excitement was the fact that the developers collected data on minors. 


Let’s remind you, Worldcoin offers its crypto tokens in exchange for an eye iris scan. People all over the world can take part in the project. One of the authors of Worldcoin is the co-founder of OpenAI Sam Altman. 


The main purpose of the iris scan is to identify users. With the help of the Worldcoin project, the developers plan to create a reliable mechanism to distinguish between people and machines as AI develops. 


In addition to Spain, Worldcoin has been banned in China and India. In the UK, an investigation into the project is planned. 


According to the latest data, the number of Worldcoin users is 4 million people. The volume of investment in the project reaches $250 million. 

Promised profit and then disappeared: a gang of cryptocurrency arbitrageurs was exposed in Kyiv 


Cyberpolice in Kyiv uncovered a scheme of fraudsters who stole cryptocurrency from citizens, promising earnings on arbitrage. 


The organizers appeared to be two residents of the Kyiv region, who engaged their acquaintances from the capital and other regions of Ukraine. The attackers distributed information via Telegram and call centers, which they arranged themselves. Victims were promised earnings on the difference in cryptocurrency rates on different exchanges. 


We buy a coin on one exchange for $500 and sell it on another for $520. Are you interested in this type of earnings? I can offer a scheme with a 4% profit per round. You will work it out and pay me 20% of the amount” — was stated in one of the messages from Telegram. 


At first, the attackers returned the investment with interest, which helped them gain the victims’ trust. People increased their investments, and the scammers took them away and stopped contacting them. 


During the raids, the police managed to seize dozens of phones, computers, 36 bank cards, and about 200 SIM cards. Law enforcers also recovered two vehicles worth more than $20,000 each and $54,000 in cash. 


Four of the nine fraudsters were arrested, while the others are being kept under house arrest. They face up to 12 years in prison with forfeiture of property. 


The number of victims is being specified. 

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