Bitcoin is predicted new lows. ETF on Ethereum will be approved no earlier than May. Experts have found critical vulnerabilities in crypto ATMs. In Trust Wallet, you can stake ETH with minimal investments

Bitcoin may drop to $20,000 before a new high  


The first cryptocurrency is waiting for months of struggle, during which the rate may fall to $30,000. Chris Berniske, an investor and partner in the venture capital cryptocurrency company Placeholder, shared such a forecast. He also expects new lows for Bitcoin at $20,000 before the next growth spurt.  


After the fall of the first cryptocurrency, altcoins will also rush down. According to the analyst, most tokens will fall in percentage terms more than Bitcoin.  


Former CEO of BitMEX exchange Arthur Hayes also mentioned the decline of BTC. According to him, the coin will fall in price by 20-30% in March 2024 from whatever mark it reaches by then. After March 20, the cryptocurrency will start rising again. It is on that day that the U.S. Federal Reserve will release its key rate forecast.  


As of January 29, 2024, the Bitcoin rate is at $42,473.  

Analysts have predicted the timing of the approval of the Ethereum ETF spot  


Spot funds on Ethereum are likely to be approved in the summer of 2024. The corresponding forecast was shared by Craig Salm, director of the legal department of Grayscale.  


Bloomberg expert James Seyffarth bets 60% that the SEC will approve the new tool in May. If that doesn’t happen, he says, the review of applications could be delayed until 2025.  


Representatives of Morgan Creek Capital, JPMorgan, and TD Cowen noted the Commission’s hostile attitude toward the crypto industry in general. They estimate the chances of quick approval of Ethereum funds at less than 50%.  


On January 25, 2024, The United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) postponed consideration of BlackRock’s application for a spot Ethereum fund until March 10. The Commission emphasized that the adoption of the Bitcoin-ETF only concerns “one cryptocurrency, BTC, which is not securities.”  

CommEX changes the rules: now, anyone can publish ads on the P2P platform  


Crypto exchange CommEX has allowed all customers to publish ads on its P2P platform. This feature became available on January 25.  


Previously, only users with high trading volume (merchants) could post ads, while others could only view them and buy crypto.  


To publish a P2P offer on CommEX, you need to confirm your reliability and meet the exchange’s security requirements:  


  • Pass verification;  
  • Activate two-factor authentication;  
  • Connect a Telegram bot;  
  • Complete at least 20 transactions with more than 10 unique trading partners;  
  • Have at least 80% of executed orders for the last 30 days.  


Merchants retain privileges: a special badge distinguishing them from other users and the ability to quickly resolve issues with the support team.  


Since the beginning of 2023, the total value of successful P2P transactions on the platform has exceeded 40 million USDT.

Trust Wallet has removed the 32 ETH threshold for steaking  


Trust Wallet mobile wallet now allows placing Ethereum for staking without the 32 ETH threshold.  


The new feature was introduced thanks to the ETH Pool Staking service, which allows for the integration of an Ethereum staking pool. The wallet uses the Kiln protocol, which locks coins for validator deposits and guarantees passive income to their holders.  


The option is available in the latest version of the Trust Wallet app. You can deposit a minimum of 0.025 ETH. The claimed reward is 3.7% per annum.

Cryptocurrency ATM vulnerability helped hackers steal crypto  


Lamassu crypto ATMs had some vulnerabilities that allowed hackers to manipulate users’ data and steal their money. Security experts from IOActive came to this conclusion. The problems were identified in early 2024.  


Gunther Allman, technical director of the organization, said that by using social engineering, a hacker could adjust the menu of the ATM and fraudulently force the user to perform the desired actions. 


In addition, under the pretext of a discount or free coins, attackers could share sensitive bank account data.  


Both digital money and cash could be attacked. For example, a criminal could fiddle with the cash reader to make the device display a larger amount of deposited funds, such as $100 rather than $10. In this way, the hacker could access expensive services and goods for a minimal cost.  


Lamassu considered all the comments and already made changes to the software of their Bitcoin ATMs.

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