EU bans anonymous crypto payments. TON is preparing to give away 30 million tokens. Ethereum balance can now be checked via Google. Alien from CryptoPunks was sold for $17 million

EU imposes ban on anonymous cryptocurrency payments and restrictions on cash 


The EU has issued a new directive that bans anonymous cryptocurrency payments from cold wallets to hosted online storage. The EU’s main committee approved the proposal on March 19. 


The new directive also imposes restrictions on commercial settlements. Cash transactions over €10,000 will be banned. Only up to €3,000 can be settled anonymously in cash. 


The new directive is part of a set of new anti-money laundering (AML) in the EU. 


As a reminder, cold wallets are vaults that give users full control over their keys and assets. This category includes mobile, browser-based applications, as well as hardware devices. Hosted or hot wallets are vaults accessed through exchanges or other online providers. 


The EU has advocated that all cryptocurrency payments be traceable “back to real persons.” Critics emphasize that the new bill limits the financial freedom of innocent citizens. 

TON has announced a global Toncoin giveaway 


The team of the popular blockchain The Open Network is planning a giveaway of 30 million Toncoin tokens for activity. At stake is an amount exceeding $146 million in equivalent (at the exchange rate as of 25.03 2024). 


Everyone who participates in TON projects will have a chance to get tokens. The program will include: 

  • airdrops and quests where you can get earnings on the fulfillment of simple tasks;
  • a competition for developers, following the results of which the most successful Web3 projects will be selected;
  • a competition for miners with an evaluation of token mining mechanisms;
  • events aimed at expanding the TON liquidity pool.


Winners will be selected in each of these categories. 


The program will start on April 1. Its main goal is to draw attention to TON and expand the user base. More information about the giveaway can be found on The Open Network team blog. 

Ethereum wallet balance can now be viewed via Google search 


Every Ethereum wallet owner with an ENS address can now check their account via Google search. The new feature became available on Friday, March 22.  


To find out how many Ethereum are in your account, all you have to do is enter the short ENS number in the search engine bar. The data is pulled from the Etherscan blockchain explorer, as of the last external transaction. 


As a reminder, Ethereum Name Service (ENS) is a domain service that turns a long Ethereum address into a short one. The format used is YourDomainHere.eth, where, instead of “YourDomainHere” can be the user’s first name, last name, or nickname in Latin. This form simplifies the use and sharing of the address. 

Alien from CryptoPunks NFT collection was sold for $17 million 


NFT with the image of an alien number #7804 from the top collection of digital images CryptoPunks has found a new owner. It was sold for 4,850 ETH ($17 million) on Wednesday, March 20. 


The identity of the token’s buyer has not been established. It is only known that their wallet was replenished for the first time on March 20, 2024, through the Coinbase crypto exchange. 


The ex-owner bought the token for 4,200 ETH (7.6 million ETH) in 2021.  According to him, he kept the image in his collection for a long time but was never able to make the desired profit. It took the collector a year to find a buyer. His earnings amounted to 650 ETH ($2.3 million). 


Let us remind you that the most expensive transaction with CryptoPunks tokens remains the sale of NFT #5822 for 8,000 ETH ($23.7 million), which occurred in February 2022. Also, CryptoPunks #3100 was sold in early March 2024 for 4,500 ETH ($16 million). Prices in dollars are as of the time of purchase. 

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