Accumulation of the fund of ObmenATs from each exchange for a month. We donate 50% to the AFU

Drawing on a permanent basis and charity!

For each exchange during the month, we mine into the ObmenAT coin fund (1 ObmenAT = 0.1 USDT= 0.1 USD). Since May 2022, we donate 50% to support AFU.

The prize fund will be formed during the month, and on the first working day of the new month, one lucky person will become the winner. You can imagine the extent of their luck, provided there are hundreds of exchanges through our site every month!

How to receive:

We draw the fund randomly among all those who have fulfilled 3 conditions:

  1. Has made an exchange this month through the ObmenAT24 website.
  2. Is a subscriber of our Telegram channel, where the activation is conducted.
  3. Has left a review about us on one of the three platforms (when writing a review, the client must add the application number in the comment):

Terms of use:

The prize fund can be used as an additional amount to the exchange, but not more than 10% of the exchange volume.

The fund cannot be split into parts and can only be used once.

The prize fund can be used within three months after the winner is announced. Otherwise, it will be reset to zero.


We have to freeze February and March 2022 as the business was switching to a new format of operation due to war. Fund accumulation resumes in April 2022.

Make exchanges and accumulate wealth by contributing to a peaceful reality! We are for the profit and peace in Ukraine!