Taxation of crypto in Ukraine is in question. Kiyosaki told what he would do if Bitcoin crashes. Binance will pay a record fine. Experts predict the beginning of the altcoin season.

No preferential taxation of crypto? Verkhovna Rada gave an answer 


Crypto activity does not create workplaces and has a speculative nature, “so we do not want to stimulate it.” Such a statement was made by the head of the financial Committee of the Verkhovna Rada Danil Getmantsev.  


According to him, the parliamentarians will not consider the document on the introduction of preferential taxation of income of individuals received as a result of operations with cryptocurrencies.  


Getmantsev explained that the NSSMC failed to present an optimal bill that could be used to control the turnover of crypto. Now, the Commission is discussing an alternative document from Alexander Sova, a deputy of the Sluha Narodu political party.  


Getmantsev supports the taxation of investment profits from crypto transactions at a general rate. Such an approach is also approved by the IMF. It is assumed that such a norm will also apply in Ukraine. 


Let us remind you that investors today pay tax according to the general principle — from the entire amount of sold assets.  

The court confirmed the guilt of Binance: the exchange will pay the largest fine  


The Federal Court of Washington recognized the Binance exchange guilty of violating anti-money launderinglaws. With its ruling, it approved the payment of a $1.81 billion fine and confiscation of assets worth $2.51 billion. The recovery will be executed in favor of the U.S. Department of Justice.  


Binance was penalized for neglecting security measures while providing services to customers. The court ruling states that the lack of a proper AML program led to the unauthorized use of the exchange’s services:  



  • to conceal sources of revenue;  
  • to move profits from transactions on the darknet;  
  • for hacking and other forms of cyber fraud.  


According to prosecutors, $4.3 billion is the largest fine imposed on a company specializing in financial services in the history of the Ministry of Justice.  


Let’s remind you that in November 2023, Binance accepted all charges and agreed to cooperate with the investigation, and the founder of the exchange, Changpeng Zhao, left the position of CEO. The verdict, in his case, should be announced by the end of April. 

Analysts predict altcoin rally, but not everyone agrees 


Ethereum has surpassed the $3,000 mark, while Bitcoin has slowed down. Also, in the past week, Ethereum managed to surpass Bitcoin in terms of performance, which was 6.5% higher.   


Crypto experts’ analysis hints at the upcoming altcoin season, confirmed by several key factors: the breakout of the Fibonacci level (38.2%), the Dencun update on the Ethereum blockchain, and the launch of the L2 network Blast and the EigenLayer restaking platform. The community’s expectations for the approval of spot Ethereum-ETFs are also positive.  


However, not everyone agrees with such predictions. Markus Thielen, head of 10x Research, notes that for the start of the altcoin rally, Bitcoin’s dominance should decrease to at least 45%, and now, this figure is at 51%.  

Robert Kiyosaki will rejoice at Bitcoin’s collapse


Investor, businessman, and author of the bestseller “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” Robert Kiyosaki answered the popular question about the possible crash of Bitcoin 


In his microblog at X, the writer noted that he is often asked about the fate of the first cryptocurrency, as well as what he would do if it crashes. Kiyosaki admitted that his plan is the same for all assets. If Bitcoin, gold, or silver falls, he will happily buy more when the price hits a low 


According to Kiyosaki, all market crashes are, first of all, assets, and “sale” is his favorite four-letter word.  


As of February 26, 2024, the Bitcoin exchange rate is at $51,309. Earlier, Robert Kiyosaki said that by June this year, the rate of the first cryptocurrency could reach $100,000.  

MetaMask will feature hacking and phishing alerts  


MetaMask will notify users about suspicious transactions. This was announced by Consensys, the operator of the cryptocurrency wallet.  


MetaMask will warn about the risk of phishing and hacking. The new feature will be available in the browser version and the MetaMask mobile app. Every user can utilize it without prior connection and payment.  


Earlier, it was reported that MetaMask has developed features for staking  directly from the wallet, without the need to run a node.  

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