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Bitcoin is the most famous cryptocurrency in the world because it is the first one and remains stable to this day. A special service such as Bitcoin exchange is in high demand these days as people need to convert other currencies into BTC and vice versa. Using a Bitcoin converter allows swapping both fiat and cryptocurrencies easily to receive the cash you need. Read along to learn more about trading Bitcoin and the exchange rate of this currency.

Bitcoin Review

Bitcoin is a virtual currency that was created in 2009. Since then, BTC has become the most widely used digital currency in the world. A BTC exchange is needed to buy Bitcoin tokens for other currencies. This coin is not stable, meaning it is not tied to any fiat currency. Bitcoin is decentralized, and millions of cryptocurrency users choose it for its security and lack of central regulation.

Historical BTC prices

Bitcoin has a long history of price changes and remains one of the most volatile currencies with huge growth spurts and crashes. When it was launched, a single Bitcoin cost zero dollars. It was sold for 0,10 dollars for about a year, when it started growing significantly. The BTC price increased up to 29,60 US dollars in 2011. A recession hit the crypto market then, and Bitcoin dropped again to 5 dollars. In 2013, one Bitcoin token cost 13 dollars. Its price grew to 100 dollars in April and 200 dollars in October. In November, its price was one thousand dollars for a single coin. There were ups and downs after that, but historical growth was recorded in 2017 — Bitcoin grew from 1,000 to 2,000 dollars in May 2017. The prices flew to more than 19,000 US dollars for a token in December. The all-time high of Bitcoin digital currency was reached in 2021. Its price was 69,000 dollars per token in November 2021. The current price of one token is about 65,000 dollars and it continues to fluctuate all the time. Certain online services work on creating price fixing solutions for BTC.

Why should you exchange BTC with ObmenAT24?

If you are searching for a converter Bitcoin, ObmenAt24 is the perfect candidate. You can exchange BTC for other cryptocurrencies and fiat money as well. Here are some key benefits of this online exchange service:
  • Currency availability — many different currencies are supported on the ObmenAt24 website. From cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, and others to fiat currencies like USD, UAH, EUR, etc.
  • Client support — customer care is available 24/7.
  • Increased security — the website is highly protected to make all transactions secure and quick.

About our BTC calculator

ObmenAt24 has a convenient and simple BTC converter. Every client can use it efficiently without prior knowledge, as the design is accessible. Here is how you can purchase Bitcoin tokens at ObmenAt24:
  • In the exchange window, choose Bitcoin in the “Receive” field.
  • In the “Give” field, specify the currency you want to pay with.
  • Choose the amount of tokens you want to receive or the amount of cash you want to give for BTC.
  • Click “Start exchange” and wait for the process to complete.
When your tokens are ready, they will be delivered to your user account. If you want to sell Bitcoin for other currencies, you can follow the same guide to place your order by simply swapping the cryptos and fiat currencies in the “Give” and “Receive” fields.