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Professional investors and regular users of the cryptocurrency market constantly have to balance between virtual currency and classical finance. If the problem of withdrawing e-coins is also typical for you, use the service ObmenAT24, where you can sell Perfect Money for Приватбанк at a favorable rate. Our service works automatically, so the process of submitting the application and its processing takes a minimum of time. You will not have to wait long transfer of funds and be anxious; the most important thing is to familiarize yourself with the limits of the operation in advance.

What method can be used to sell Perfect Money for UAH

Users of ObmenAT24 have the following options for solving this question:

  • Selling to a card, bank account, or electronic wallets of payment systems ― the most common way due to ease of use and comfort. The service can be used whenever you want, and to perform the operation, you will need to enter a minimum of data, which, in addition, is not stored on the platform. To sell Perfect Money on card will be easy even for beginners ― the service has an intuitive, clear design, and in the process of withdrawal of funds, it offers to follow tips.
  • Cash payment ― ObmenAT24 has cash offices in 26 cities of Ukraine, thank to which selling cryptocurrency becomes even easier. It is enough to form an application on the site, after which the manager of company will contact you to discuss the conditions of the transaction. You can sell Perfect Money for cash just as quickly as in the case of online operations. No additional verifications and no multi-week wait for the transfer. Everything happens, as a rule, on the day of submission of the application.

Algorithm of selling Perfect Money for Приватбанк

You should take the following simple steps:

  • Click "Start Exchange."
  • Select the suitable direction.
  • Specify the amount of virtual coin you want to sell.
  • Familiarize yourself with the amount in fiat that the service will automatically calculate to cash out.
  • Specify the wallet number and card (Visa, MasterCard) or bank account number ― for debiting electronic coins and crediting currency of interest to the account.
  • Leave your email to get notifications about transaction status.
  • Approve the transaction.

If you want to sell Perfect Money for UAH in cash, wait for a call from the manager of the crypto exchange after submitting the application. In addition to selecting the time of issuing fiat, they will provide a special code, by which you will be able to pass verification when you visit the cash desk in your city.