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The ongoing growth of interest in the cryptocurrency market pushes developers to create new electronic coins. Several thousand types of such currencies are known, and this number is continuously increasing. The popularity of cryptocurrencies is not only related to the possibility to make purchases. Electronic coins also serve as a tool of accumulation, active and passive earning. At the same time, anyone will be able to enter the cryptocurrency market using the crypto service ObmenAT24. Here, it will be possible to quickly sell Euro for Tether ERC20, without risk of losing your funds.

Choosing the best way to store digital coins

Having decided on crypto, it is important to think about where it will be stored. We're talking about different types of cryptocurrency wallets:

  • Computer programs intended to be installed on your hard drive. Provided adherence to security rules, this way is considered one of the most secure since only the owner has access to the data and keys.
  • Smartphone apps – data on crypto is stored on a secure server. The risk of losing assets when choosing such a wallet is related to the lack of sufficient protection of the smartphone from malware.
  • Online platforms – are developed as an embedded web interface, i.e. they do not require downloading. However, if the developer's servers are hacked, all the money can be lost.

To prevent fraudsters from gaining access to the contents of the cryptocurrency wallet, it is recommended to use complex keys and passwords and always keep a firewall running. Regularly update your anti-virus utilities and don't forget to encrypt the smartphone.

What are the methods to sell Euro for Tether ERC20

Practice shows that it is much easier to enter the cryptocurrency market than to ensure the safety of electronic coins. And this is confirmed by a large number of methods of selling EUR for USDT:

  • P2P platforms – offer the possibility of exchange without third parties, that is, users formalize the transaction with each other, and the platform acts as a guarantor. However, by choosing such a method, there is a fairly serious risk of running into scam. In addition, there are usually not enough offers to sell Euro for USDT.
  • Exchanges - create access to a large set of professional functions for trading crypto assets. Due to the complexity of mastering and mandatory registration, they are not suitable for everyone.
  • Exchangers – the most simple way to become the owner of crypto. If you choose a credible service, you will be able to make a conversion at a good rate without the slightest risks.